Artisan Bistro

Our Plan for Meal Plans

When Artisan Bistro Home Direct engaged Centresource to help facilitate the build of their new eCommerce solution they needed help differentiating themselves from other healthy meal plans available. That’s where we came in.


During our research we found that other diet meal plan web sites were crowded and hard to navigate. Our goal was to create a long term relationship with their customer by clearly demonstrating their unique value of their product.

To do this we used the delicious images of their product to showcase their enticing meals. Our value proposition focused on nutrition and weight management combined with convenience and value. Our final solution delivered a clean and sophisticated design that highlighted the product and made purchasing easy.

Since launch, Artisan Bistro Home Direct has had over 7,428 unique visitors resulting in 1,700 registered users and over 1,100 transactions. Doing the quick math every 4.4 users coming to the site turned into a client, not too shabby.