Sell Your Work. Impact Your World.

Musea set out to redefine photography through technology. Sounds easy, right? The Musea team saw an opportunity to reach to an audience of higher-end photographers, helping them to make their photographs available for purchase quickly and easily.


The current marketplace was over-saturated with similar concepts, but none offered a clean visual experience, a fair payment structure, or a simple customer process. Together, Centresource and Musea created a detailed plan that outlined all points of interaction and defined the appropriate path to conversion for photographers and customers alike.


Musea Gives Back

"A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business." – Henry Ford

Musea’s goal is for every photographer that uses the Musea Store to feel like their business has helped make the world a better place, not just improve their bottom line. The Musea Store is 100% free to use and they only charge a 16% commission fee for any sales through the Store. Here is a breakdown of where the commission fee goes:

1 %

Goes to The Musea Fund to financially support meaningful personal photography projects

2 %

Goes to to help end the global water and sanitation crisis

13 %

Goes to help Musea with operational costs and to fund the building of future online systems

16 %

The total commission fee placed on each sale through the Musea Store