American Express Travel

Travelink is a regional American Express travel representative located in Nashville, TN, which specializes in vacation travel services, business travel management and a variety of travel-related financial services.


Its client base includes individuals and businesses ranging from small and mid-sized companies to Fortune 100 corporations and sports teams.  Basically, if you’re an American Express card holder and you need help planning your next vacation or business trip, Travelink can help.

When Travelink picked Centresource as its vendor of choice we immediately knew we had a big challenge ahead of us. The site that we were asked to redesign and redevelop was severely outdated and needed a complete overhaul.  It hadn’t been touched in years and definitely didn’t accurately reflect Travelink’s image in the marketplace.


Travelink’s number one goal is to increase their clients’ desire to travel, and their web presence no longer helped them in achieving that goal. We began by focusing our efforts on using prominent, compelling imagery that displayed the beauty of the travel destinations. We also knew we needed to develop an ongoing structure that helps to increase return travelers and improve long term relationships with corporate partners.  To do this we needed to give the user an effective way to find what they’re looking for quickly.

The aesthetics weren’t our only challenge.  We also had development considerations that posed a significant challenge.  The main area of concern was that there were numerous APIs that needed to be integrated which contained all the detailed vacation options offered from their vendors.


To give an idea of the complexity of this task, just one of the APIs contained hundreds of thousands of lines of code that all needed to be parsed properly and displayed in a user-friendly way.  This particular task alone required months of focused attention from our developers to ensure they got it right.  Now that the site is live, we can clearly see that the effort has paid off, and the results have been amazing!


  • Determine the best ways to use the website to boost desire to travel
  • Develop an ongoing structure that helps increase return travel
  • Connect all APIs and parse out data so it can be displayed properly